29 de marzo de 2017

Una pregunta

Se supone que aprendas a ser perfeccionista en lo que haces?
O se supone que practicas tanto que aprendes a manejar tus imperfecciones de la mejor manera posible?

Nick Andopolis : "Look, these Teachers, these teachers want us to work! You know. And i say fine. I'll work. But you got to let me do the kind of work that i want to do. And for me Lindsay, it's ... it's my drumkit man. This is my passion you know. This is the essence of who i am now. But before i had this, i was lost too.
You see what i'm saying.
You need to find your reason for living.
You need to find your own gigantic drumkit you know"
Lindsay Weir : "Hey maybe i'll buy a Clarinet"

I'm no good with maps
I've got no sense of direction
And I can't write anything without autocorrection
I just can't keep up with this curriculum
I wish I could learn in my sleep
I've got a problem with problems
I'm not punctual
I get lost in context and sentence construction
I've never said this to anyone before
I've never said it out loud

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